Monday, April 20, 2009

Durex PLAY VIBRATIONS Vibrating Ring Review

Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

My boyfriend isn’t into sex toys as much as I am.  He’s comfortable using vibrators on me, but doesn’t own any products of his own yet.  We were browsing through the supermarket the other night when, to my pleasant surprise, he brought my attention to this Durex vibrating ring.   I’m still in the process of warming him up to using adult products in the sack, so I got really excited when he showed interest in trying a sex toy without any persuasion from me.   It’s about damn time. 

The Basics:  This ring is in the $5 - $10 price range.  It comes pleasantly packaged in a pink plastic box that includes one disposable vibrating ring, and one latex condom.  Also included is a $1 off coupon for your next Durex product. The ring is very thin, and made of a clear rubbery material (no word on the actual substance, maybe jelly?).  It’s also waterproof, and can be used with or without a condom. The bullet is tiny, and quite unobtrusive.  There is a purple on/off located at the top of bullet.  The vibrations last 20 minutes, and the batteries are not replaceable.  It claims the vibrations are 30% stronger, but I wouldn’t know because I never tried the previous edition. 

How did it measure up? It was easy to slip the ring onto his member, and the on/off switch was so simple a caveman could figure it out. His only gripe was he couldn’t feel the vibes during fast thrusting, and I agree.  The vibrations were best felt when he was slowly thrusting deep inside me.  He had to be deep because that was the only way I could feel the vibrations on my clit, and the pressure increased sensation for him as well.  It was most effective in missionary position or with gal on top.  I hated the batteries aren’t replaceable, and it only lasts 20 minutes. WTF Durex?  I also found it too stretchy to stiffen my guy’s penis, or prolong orgasm.  I guess I suppose I shouldn’t have expected too much from a $5 vibrating c-ring, but what can I say?  I have high standards.  What I did appreciate about it was that the vibrations were actually strong enough to flow through his penis.  It was also comfortable for him to wear, and was not irritating on my lady bits either.  A little lube helped to keep things smooth, and didn’t cause the ring to slip off his sausage.   

I think this ring is a great sexual enhancement for those just getting interested in sex toys. As a novice toy user, my guy seemed to be pleased with his experience overall.  He really enjoyed the new sensations a vibrating c-ring brought to his cock.  As a veteran toy user, I found it to possess quite a few flaws, but it’s definitely worth a few bucks to try.  If you like it, go out and get a higher quality ring with replaceable batteries.  It will be worth the investment in the long run.  If you don’t like it, it comes with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.   


  1. I tried this a long time ago. I think I liked the idea, as it was our first cock ring, better than the experience. It was definitely too large/stretchy. The vibes weren't awesome. It was a little hard to firmly push the button after it was on and it didn't reach my clit unless I did something gymnastic.

    Also, I think I read somewhere that it is TPR Silicone but who knows..

    Nice review!

  2. Meh, Durex has continuously failed to impress me. Hopefully you'll be able to incorporate some better products soon! Good luck! =)

  3. Durex isnt bad, I've used much better ones though if you go a google search and have a hunt you can find some really good deals

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  5. apparently, the material used to produce this product can cause a moderate to severe allergic reaction in people who have unknown allergies to latex. have used products containing latex before with no issues. this product has caused us both our sex lives with rashes and blisters since we used it. proceed with caution

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